How to Apply

Enrollment Process

We carefully consider each application in the order we receive them. To apply, complete and return the Waitlist Application to the email provided on the form. Once we have an opening for a position in our classroom, we will then contact our parents in the order their application(s) were submitted to offer a letter of acceptance into our program.

Available spaces are filled based on the date the completed application was received, with respect to the following considerations:

  • Children with siblings currently enrolled at Midtown Montessori Academy are given first preference.
  • Placement is dependent on maintaining a balanced classroom in regards to age, gender, and previous Montessori experience.
  • If there is no space available, children will be placed on a waitlist and admitted as openings occur.

Upon acceptance into our program, you will receive a letter of acceptance and instructions on completing the enrollment forms. Please note, that in an effort to operate a near paperless center, our entire enrollment process can occur online.

Before your child is formally enrolled into our program, you must ensure that you have completed the following:

  1. Received a letter of acceptance for the current school year
  2. Completed the application and submitted payment of the nonrefundable registration fee (due only once a guaranteed space is available)
  3. Completed the required enrollment forms.
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Our community-based programs, founded in an authentic Montessori method, offer the perfect environment for your child to discover their inner passion for learning, deep focus, and self-sufficiency.


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